Divine Shine Testimonals

CAREY K. – August 2020

I was introduced to Mokeph by Divine Appointment one evening on the side of a street corner where her Spirit shone brightly as she engaged with us in a beautiful rendition of impromptu Djembe Sound Healing for MY soul anyways. After visiting her Center and experiencing her Gifted Touch I can ASSURE anyone that she is an Angel of Light in this crazy world we live in. I am SO so so blessed to have experienced her healing touch and her ability to nurture my life without words. It’s a GIFT I’m not used to but I LOVE IT! Divine Shine is the PERFECT name for your Healing Center as your life exudes that TRUTH!


KELLY D. – August 2020

I have received beautiful healing and wisdom from my reiki sessions. I always feel welcomed and at ease when I am at the Healing Center. I am grateful for Mokeph’s intuitional healing arts which assist me on my journey. Thank you 🙏🏻


JOSHUA A. – August 2020

Wow, Mokeph has an amazing ability to help others heal! For anyone who is hurting and is skeptical, I highly recommend spending some time with her. It will be worth it! 🙂


TAD R. – December 2019

Having experienced many guided meditations and alternative healing modalities over the years, I can say with great confidence that the soundbath I received from Mokeph was the single-most powerful metaphysical event I have ever experienced. A DEEPLY relaxing and transformative journey with a highly skilled and compassionate guide.


MICHAEL H. – October 2019

I had a groovy experience during my Reiki session with Mokeph!! I felt total relaxation and release. I have been working on getting “into the vortex” and was able to do this and connect with source during the session. She is an enlightened authentic healer!!! Love and light!!


LORICE G. – May 2019

I had the pleasure of receiving my very own personal sound bath and I must say it was absolutely amazing! Being wrapped up in loving vibrations and surrounded by crystals … so SO good! Definitely experienced a 5-Star experience! I can’t wait to book my next session


MELANIE S. – May 2019

Mokeph is amazing. I HAVE to have a Reiki Session soundbath at least every other month. My husband and I are also doing couples soundbaths. Highly recommended!!!!


ANNA C. – May 2019

Thank you Mokeph for an awesome healing session trade. Just what the doctor ordered.


JUDITH S. – April 2019

This was an awesome experience. Thank you for your talent and dedication, Mokeph! Feeling relaxed.


FITZ F. – April 2019

I just had a wonderful private sound healing session with Mokeph! If you like ASMR get ready for your brain to exploooooode in a good way.


RILEY S. – March 2019

Thank you so much for the sesh, I am so grateful for you. I seriously feel so much lighter and at ease and seriously back to myself. Thank you goddess. You are doing amazing things!


WILL M. – March 2019

I want you to know I feel terrific, mostly due to the Reiki. Thank you conduit lady!


PEECH C. – February 2019

Previous to my sound bath I had an epiphany, and I think the sound bath sealed it in for me or accelerated the connection. It’s been easier for me to stay true to my shift in awareness.


DERALD R. – February 2019

My sound bath was so relaxing, taking me to a quiet place inside myself, and clearing blockages for days afterward. Mokeph is a gifted healer and genuinely nice person. This was a five-star experience!


LEILANI R. – November 2018

I highly recommend a private sound bath session with Divine Shine sound therapy. I felt deeply relaxed and reset for the week. Thank you Mokeph for your healing touch!!!


COLLEEN B. – November 2018

Mokeph is awesome! She does a wonderful job. It was an awesome herbal sound bath! Thanks so much I feel so relaxed tonight! Just what my brain and body needed. 💜


MANDY N. – October 2018

I attended a Sound Odyssey with Mokeph, and it was one of the most restful, powerfully calming experiences. I left feeling completely peaceful. Mokeph is a talented healer and true artist.


PEGGY W. – October 2018

I loved my personal healing sound bath journey, surrounded in a lovely ever-changing vibrational field. It was very moving and nurturing with such a very in-tune vibrant soul and her amazing instruments, played so intuitively and gracefully.


NANCY B. – September 2018

Divine Shine Healing Center by Mokeph was a wonderful experience. I was able to release a spirit and my body felt uplifted like a weight was off my shoulders. Thank you both for a positive experience. (Note: this session included my assistant Healer, Douglas.)


MAGGIE F. – July 2018

Highly recommended! Mokeph is gifted. After experiencing her sound bath I feel as though my energy has been re-arranged and I am grounded and deeply soothed.


SHAWN M. – August 2018

The Sound Bath at Divine Shine Healing Center far exceeded my expectations. The therapeutic quality of the deep rest I experienced cannot be overstated. Physically, it’s similar to the neurohormone release after a good massage (at a fraction of the price!) As a devout Christian, I appreciated that Mokeph was sensitive to my religious sensibilities and explained how I didn’t need to share all her beliefs in order to benefit from the experience. Indeed, from the moment I prayed at the beginning of the session to the end, for me it was a truly spiritual and personal encounter with Jesus. I left with an abiding sense of peace and encouragement in soul and body. I know these words seem like they are describing something intangible. The results are anything but! I encourage everyone reading this to give it a try. I know I will go back soon. Thank you, Mokeph!


AMANDA M. – September 2018

I had a wonderful experience at Mokeph’s beautiful and magical space. She is welcoming and caring, and very down to earth (for those who are feeling tentative about this kind of “woo-woo” thing). What she provides has such immense value and the more people she has the opportunity to heal, the better off we all will be!


ZAN B. – November 2018

This morning I experienced too much joy I couldn’t contain it. I had to share it with [my wife] to get it out. I would say there is a direct connection between the happiness I felt and experienced yesterday and my experience this morning. I would love to share more of it with you. Thank you for your gift friend. 😀👍❤️


KELLY D. – July 2018

I would like to invite you to experience and explore the beautiful healing and heartfelt intention from this talented Healer. Take time for self care and self awareness to bring more self love into your soul communion with self. ❤️ Because in the beginning and end it’s what we fill ourselves up with in the middle. Namaste. 🙏


HEATHER Y. – August 2018

This lady is amazing, compassionate, and kind. Thank you for such a powerful, cleansing and relaxing session. Your presence was very relaxing and the sounds were rich. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.


SIGMA S. – April 2018

I consider myself a bit of a professional skeptic, which means that while I am good at debunking, I also leave myself open to new experiences. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to try one of Mokeph’s sound baths, and was rewarded with a memorable experience. Although at first it was a little strange to try to relax while she moved around me striking and singing the bowls, after a couple of minutes I found myself in one of the deepest meditations I’ve ever experienced. Not quite awake and not quite asleep, my conscious mind completely shut up… A rare feeling for me! I completely lost track of time, and when it ended I felt beautifully raw emotions (uncluttered with the dialogue I usually paste over them), and a sense of physical refreshment that lasted for a couple of days. Whether or not you consider this sort of experience “your thing,” I highly recommend that you give it a try; I found it far more rewarding than any guided meditation I have ever tried.


DOUGLAS A. – July 2018

Highly recommended!! I had the most amazing experience at Divine Shine Healing Center! Mokeph provided a wonderful blend of beautiful soundscapes, relaxing meditation, and professional instruction all in a loving and caring atmosphere. I am already looking forward to my next spiritual journey at Divine Shine Healing Center.


ARANKA F. – June 2018

My sound bath session with Mokeph was quite unique, very relaxing, and helped me to better understand and feel the sounds of so many different singing bowls, Bowls are wonderful sound healing devices. She has a lovely voice and sang during the session at times. I recommend her to others! Thank you again, and much love.


AARON H. – March 2018

A skeptic here telling you that it was the most relaxing thing I’ve done in recent memory. Thanks!!


MICHAEL T. – December 2017

I had an amazing experience with my personal sound bath. It was extremely relaxing and meditative. But for me it’s not so much about what happens during as what happens after receiving. I went home and felt good for the first time in a long time. It didn’t matter what was happening in the world around me I just felt good. I didn’t need anything externally. That feeling is something we need to all cultivate and this sound bath was motivation to help me get back to a point where that “good” feeling is a constant.


DAVID O. – November 2017

Incredible! I recommend this for everyone! I felt rejuvenated and calm after my one hour session. I experienced a deep meditative state where my body and mind relaxed and opened to an expansive and blissful space. It was a joyful and trance like experience.


SHAY G. – May 2017

Mokeph is kind and welcoming; her space is inviting, peaceful and beautiful. The services provided by her are absolutely calming and stress-relieving, inducing of meditation that I typically have a very difficult time achieving. I was given a sound bath immediately following a stressful day at school, and left her space feeling clear-headed and happy. I recommend this service to anyone who needs to take a real break from our bustling society and recover from the stress and anxiety that is too often induced from a busy lifestyle. I think everyone could benefit from this service on a regular basis.


LYNN S. – May 2017

I had never had a sound bath before so I didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed the experience very much. It’s a very centering practice and certainly helped me to focus in a relaxed way the remainder of the day. I have a meditation practice that was greatly helped by the soothing sound of the bowls. Thanks a bunch!!


AIKO T. – May 2017

I highly recommend this truly AMAZING and relaxing method of healing. I came with a headache at a 6/10 and left with it decreasing to 1/10. I felt a sense of calm throughout the rest of that day after the sound therapy.


STEFANI V. – May 2017

Konrad and I loved our couples session. The space is warm and welcoming. I love all the plants, it makes the air feel clean and clear, and helped me feel grounded into the rhythm of nature and myself. We were truly bathed in healing sound. Thank you.