90 Day Devotional: Meditation and Self-Reiki

Day 39.

Duration: unknown

Utterly exhausted, yet again, I didn’t get very far into my Self-Reiki routine before I had to send myself to bed. Then rest was interrupted by a hectic scene outside: a neighbor’s house caught fire in the night!.. bringing ten fire trucks to the neighborhood. I felt like I was inThe Twilight Zone.

This morning, first thing, I tweaked my back, and spent all day trying to nurse it into functioning. Many friends sent distance Reiki, and I Reiki-ed myself for a while. I ate a CBD candy, which seemed to help a tiny bit. My dear friend Jimmie just gave me a wonderful massage and told me I should ice it instead of heating it (oops!)

Today has been weird. I managed to stay off Facebook and rest.

Posted at 7:33pm on 2/9/2020