Devotional Day #9

90 Day Devotional: Meditation and Self-Reiki

Day 9.

Duration: 60 minutes (in total)

Intense emotions are filling my heart this week… probably because the Full Moon eclipse in Cancer is tomorrow.

Today’s meditation was a mix of: 5 minutes Gassho with my mentor Cami, 10 minutes of receiving Distance Reiki from Cami, 10 minutes of giving Distance Reiki to Cami, and 35 minutes of Self-Reiki.

Peace and gentle healing were the big themes during my time with Cami. However, my Self-Reiki session was full of unpleasant thoughts and emotions, and ended with a feeling of hopelessness.

Knowing that all things are temporary, I shall sit with these feelings until they are ready to release. šŸ™