Devotional Day #10

90 Day Devotional: Meditation and Self-Reiki

Day 10.

Duration: 48 minutes.

With snow falling relentlessly outside, I am cozy and warm in my meditation space. One of the many lovely gifts of Reiki is its ability to generate internal heat. When giving a Reiki session I am rarely ever cold.

A sense of deep, cosmic belonging enveloped me during meditation today. Having changed my legal name just this morning, I truly feel as though I am reborn, stepping into this life as a brand new person.

I called in the spirit of Usui Sensei and was blessed by his profound tranquility. While the enlightenment he experienced is not yet integrated into my being, I already sense immaculate adjustments within my heart and soul which will bring me ever closer to samadhi/satori. šŸ™