90 Day Devotional: Meditation & Self-Reiki

Day 1.

Duration: 35 minutes.

Today’s revelations included reminders of my divine personal power, my connection to all that is, and my ability to access unlimited knowledge from my ancestors. I also received a lovely reminder that our mouth is a major entry way to our internal landscape, and this is where we have a choice of what we put into that mouth space… The very things which become the essence of who we are. I can make some better choices in this arena.

I enjoy how appreciative I am of my body while I’m meditating. My breath, the alignment of my spine, the posture of my limbs. Sitting and feeling immense gratitude for the magnificent gift of living in a body.

Every part of my body, mind, and spirit is telling me that I need to meditate more. We all need to access the quiet, peaceful parts of ourselves more often. So here I am, beginning on the first day of the year. There is no better time to start the journey than right now. The calm and peace achieved through the meditation practice is absolutely invaluable. Aloha and Namaste, my friends. ✨🙏💓